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Delaware County Regional Planning: March 31, 2022

the following pertinent action occurred:

  1. The Hyatts Meadows Section 1 project was approved (119 single family and 78 multi-family) - east of 315.

  2. Nelson Farms North was approved - adding an emergency access road to Liberty Rd in addition to the planned Nelson Lane access.

  3. Sara Crossing project was approved - this is 50 acres on Hyatts Road (just west of Sawmill) which will connect up with Liberty Grand on the south and Hyatts Crossing on the east. Looks like the plan is for 231 apartment units with access from Hyatts and also access from the Hyatts Crossing development and then on to Sawmill. When public comment was allowed for this project, one Liberty Township resident spoke, saying (not verbatim) ... "I was one of the people involved with LR4RG and our group continues to be very concerned about traffic on Hyatts and Clark Shaw which will only be further exacerbated when the POD 18D project starts. Also, the rumor has been going around that one of the Township trustees has been telling people in the various agencies that the property owners in that area are in favor of curb cuts on Sawmill for POD 18D; and that is not true. I currently know of no neighbor in favor of them."

Attendee's thoughts: "I was struck by the fact that all of the projects presented (17 total) went through essentially rubber-stamped. There was a guy I was told was affiliated with Berlin Township who made some minor objections to two of the projects. Besides me, that was it. There seems to be no consideration of overall suburban sprawl - just filling in the farmland as much as seemingly possible. This was depressing. Maybe that is not Regional Planning's function, but if it isn't, it seems like it should be to some extent."


In case you are interested, Metro Development will be hosting an open house to view the multi-family (apartments) development they are planning for subarea A in POD 18D (west side of Sawmill Parkway).

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