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POD 18D is beginning to be developed

This Wednesday, September 21st, at 7:30 pm the Liberty Township Zoning Commission will be hearing the request for final development plan approval from M/I Homes for POD 18D, subareas C and E (east of Sawmill Parkway between Hyatts Rd. and Clark-Shaw Rd.). They are requesting approval for a total of 390 dwelling units, with 254 being single family homes and 136 townhome units. The development they are proposing will be called "Clarkshaw Crossing". It is our understanding that they will be asking for a divergence to allow 40 foot minimum lot widths at the front setback for single family homes. The project summary can be found here:

From past experience, public comment is permitted at zoning meetings.


In case you are interested, Metro Development will be hosting an open house to view the multi-family (apartments) development they are planning for subarea A in POD 18D (west side of Sawmill Parkway).

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