POD 18D Proposed Development

I attended the open house for the new development that is planned in subareas C and E in POD 18D. M/I Homes is planning on building 390 dwelling units: 254 single family homes and 136 townhomes (4 or more units attached). They want to put the single family homes on 40 foot by 120 foot lots (POD 18D zoning states 50 foot lots--so they will have to ask for a zoning variance).

The M/I representatives told us that this will look very similar to the smaller homes in Liberty Grand (the new development by the high school with the big water entrance). We were also told that this development would have the lowest entry priced homes in the Olentangy School District. All of the homes will be on concrete slabs. Entrance/Exit for this development will be on Clark-Shaw and also on Hyatts.

Members of the architectural Review Board for POD 18D have been named by the Trustees. The 3 residents that will be serving on it will be Kerree Susi, Andrew Dutcher, and Scott Miller.


This Wednesday, September 21st, at 7:30 pm the Liberty Township Zoning Commission will be hearing the request for final development plan approval from M/I Homes for POD 18D, subareas C and E (east of

The new Architectural Review Committee for POD 18D will be meeting Thursday, August 18th at 7pm at the Liberty Township Hall (across from the YMCA). They will be reviewing the architectural plans for

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